Return of the Conqueror: Choral placed the care of Brevoy in the hands of his descendants and then departed into the depths of the Gronzi Forest, promising one day to return. The Vanishing is a sign the Conqueror’s return is imminent, and he wants his kin either out of the way of his armies, or just out of the way of his return to the throne.

The Conqueror’s Debt: Choral the Conqueror made a pact with otherworldly forces to obtain not only his vast army, but also the aid of his red dragon allies. The disappearance of House Rogarvia is the result of Choral’s debt finally coming due.

The new barbarian nation: The barbarian river kingdom of Pitax is trying to extend it’s borders further into the Stolen Lands and could end up threatening New Stetven itself. The ruler of Pitax, Lord Irovetti, uses strange magic from the land Numeria and is rapidly gaining in power and influence.

Return of the Angry Hag: The church of Gyronna has not been seen in Brevoy since before the time of Choral the Conqueror, but slowly they are returning to the land, spreading north from the River Kingdoms and the cursed haunt of Heibarr.

The gateway of Worlds: The ancient Candlemere Tower, in the centre of the haunted lake, is the gateway between Worlds. Only Arch-magic, now weakening, stops the barriers collapsing completely.


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